What’s On My Current Beauty Wish List?

I find being in lockdown has made me into a wishful thinker, in terms of everything I would like to buy when I have finally used everything I have. I think for me, this is a great time to actually use all the things that haven’t been used. However, I do also need some motivationContinue reading “What’s On My Current Beauty Wish List?”

Project Pan Introduction

I hope you are all doing well today. I myself could be better, however, we’re here to focus on the positive things. Today I thought, as it’s the 1st of May, it’s a perfect time to begin my ‘project pan’. Now usually, people tend to do 10 items, calling it ‘project 10 pan’. I onContinue reading “Project Pan Introduction”

Why Do Cosmetic Companies Love Fragrance?

So, today I have more of a little rant really than anything else. I really wanted to do a post about what products I have on my beauty wishlist, but alas I have not made it that far as of yet. Now, the only requirements I am looking for really in beauty products is thatContinue reading “Why Do Cosmetic Companies Love Fragrance?”

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