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I think it actually took me until lockdown to realise how much I actually wasn’t caring for my body and just self in general. The sudden lack of 50+ hour work weeks has really thrown me into a reality that I just don’t show a lot of love and care for myself, and to be quite honest, I’ve had enough of that now.

I decided to get just a couple of things that would help boost my mood, as I do already have a lot that helps. Most things though had been forgotten, so it is nice to bring them back out again (aka the fake tan has returned and I haven’t felt better).

Firstly is very basic; a simple body wash by Dove. This is the shea butter with warm vanilla one (it was basically the only one online that they were willing to ship). For £3.99 you get a nice size bottle (450ml), and it’s 100% recycled – yay. I actually used this today and it does have a lovely smell and lathers up a lot more than I was expecting.

Then we have some nail polish. First I’ll talk about the clear one. This is essie’s ‘strong start’ base coat, which is apparently meant to help ‘strengthen, reinforce and harden nails’ (their words not mine) so we’ll see how that goes. I then also got one of their gel polishes in ‘last nightie’ which to be quite honest, looks nothing like it does in the picture above. I would describe this as a sheer shimmery lilac. I have also put them on today, however nail polish only seems to last a day until it starts to chip with me, so I will definitely report back at some point to share how long it actually lasts.

This last item is probably the one I am most excited for. I have probably damaged the hell out of my hair from the amount of heat thats been used on it over the last probably 10 years, so I think a good mask is exactly what it needs every now and then. I have actually stopped using heat as well to try and help it out. Now this 1. smells absolutely divine and 2. was so much fuller than I was expecting.

I don’t know if it’s just me never buying hair masks, but honestly when I took the top off I was genuinely taken aback by the fact it was full to the brim! Anyhow, this can be used either in the shower (leave it on for a few minutes), or can be applied to damp hair as a leave-in thing.

This probably wasn’t too exciting to read, however I thought I would share as I think looking after yourself and making yourself feel (at least) better through this whole thing is super important.

Let me know what you’re doing to look after yourself in the comments!

Alexandra Grace XxXx

8 thoughts on “HAUL | Superdrug Self-Care

      1. Oh perfect, I haven’t got a top coat so am going without! You’re setting my standards very high haha! I will definitely be doing a post in the near future!


      2. Haha I hope it lives up to the hype now! I’ve used Barry M, Ciate, Nails Inc, OPI etc and these are my favourite…. fingers crossed for you! Also the application brushes are sooo nice! 😀


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