ECOVIBE Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Am I late jumping on the reusable makeup remover pad bandwagon? Definitely. They actually arrived last week, but I’m still finishing off my organic cotton remover pads before I start using these. I literally have been going through the same pack for well… about 6 weeks now at least. I forget how long things last when you’re not wearing makeup everyday and terrible at keeping up with a skincare routine (I promise I’m getting better… may have done my ‘morning’ routine at 4pm…).

So, let’s talk about these bad boys. These are ECOVIBE’s Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. I was feeling fancy so decided to go for the option with the glass jar to store them in. This was £20.99 which at first I was thinking… hmm… should I? But I thought, you know what, lockdown is not easy, so I may as well treat myself to the little extra. They do also have the option without the glass jar (link here) for £12.49.

So you get 4x soft scrub terry pads, and 12x soft velvet pads, both made from bamboo & cotton. They are plastic free, and biodegradable as well, making them lovely & sustainable. They also come with a cotton wash bag, so they can be put with your washing and hung up to dry afterwards – very handy. Then of course the glass jar to store them in and keep them safe.

Now I have to admit, the soft velvet pads, are so soft. These are used for your general makeup, and the soft scrub terry pads for more ‘tenacious’ makeup (ECOVIBE’s wording). Now, whilst I don’t wear makeup a lot (especially right now), I think these will be great for just general cleansing of the face.

I honestly can’t wait to try these out and see how well they work, and how well they wash. I will probably to a full ‘review’ type post on them when I have more opinions.

If you’ve tried any reusable makeup remover pads, let me know which ones you’ve tried!

Alexandra Grace XxXx

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