How I’m Keeping Myself Afloat… Mentally

Hello again. I didn’t realise having all this time to myself would mean I would be writing as many posts as this, but I am hoping that if you are reading these, that they are somewhat useful (probably not…).

Anyhow, onto the important things. I did say yesterday that I wanted to do a further post about the journal that I’ve been using. So here we go then.

As mentioned, I am using the Inspire Now journal which is currently on sale (£24.99 rather than £34.99) so the perfect time to get it really! Now, the reason why I chose this specific journal/planner is 1) it is undated. Now this means that if you miss a few months, you aren’t wasting any paper, you can just continue on the next page with no problem, which is perfect for someone like me! 2) it focuses a lot on positivity, which is something I find very helpful, especially during times like these where there really is so much uncertainty and anxiety around.

There are quite a few different aspects to the journal, but it does have a great introduction going through all the different aspects, and how best to fill them out to get the most out of it. However of course, I am going to go through how I am using each of these different pages to help myself through all of this, and hopefully someone will find it useful, as even if you don’t want to purchase a new journal, you can always incorporate these things into your own diary/journal/whatever you use yourselves.

This first part gives you room to organise your morning and evening routines. I have currently stuck another piece of paper over the top, as underneath are my routines whilst at work… which I’m clearly not right now. I have kept them quite simple, as I am trying to keep myself from being overwhelmed and anxious.

If you are working from home, it may be more constructive to add specific times that you want to complete these things at, but I am just trying to keep myself as sane as possible so have left it quite loose for myself.

I do also love the quotes that are scattered throughout – very inspiring!

Next we have the daily planner. At the top, this is where you fill out the date/day. You then have a section for your main goal that you want to complete (as you can see I keep mine very simple) before you get anything else done for the day. Then you have the top 3 things you would like to complete, and a part to add in any other tasks you would like to complete during the day.

Then my favourite part; your daily reward. I tend to add in something like watch an episode (or 2) of a TV series, or a film, or you can add in a favourite snack to eat to finish the day off.

You also have space to add in your health & wellbeing actions for the day, which I generally use as a space to remind myself to eat well, drink water, go outside and do some exercise. Next to that you have your self-development actions. I generally add in reminders to draw and be creative, as those are things that will help me to gain the skills I want to develop for my future career. So any goals to improve on yourself can go in here.

The last section is where you add in what you are grateful for, and I think this is especially useful during times like these, as it does remind you how fortunate you are to have things that a lot of people around the world don’t have, and reminds you to spend time being grateful.

Now, this is the really useful part, and this should be completed the day before your new week commences. This then sets you up for the upcoming week before it has started, and gets you off to a much more productive start.

I tend to use phrases like “i will definitely” and “I will easily” during this, as the determination means I personally am more likely to complete that task.

The habit tracker I also find very useful, as it gives you space to have a few things that you want to do daily, and of course, form a habit out of.

Last but not least, the final page I will share with you is the weekly reflection.

For me, reflecting on the week is so useful, as generally I learn a lot from it.

It gives you that time on a Sunday evening (or Monday in my case) to really understand what worked and what didn’t throughout the week, and how to improve on things for the upcoming weeks.

Also, the scoring really puts me in my place because I can’t help but be brutally honest with myself, which to be quite honest, I actually find very useful.

Now, for all of you who are working at home, or who generally like to keep a much more structured day, I definitely suggest using alarms on your phone and reminders to keep yourself in that routine.

I think especially, as I am in isolation with my family, meal times aren’t difficult to keep on top of, however, if I was on my own, I would be setting alarms for times during the day where I had my meals, as otherwise I would probably not be eating as well. Also making a meal plan is a great idea, and I would be more than happy to make another post including healthy and quick meal ideas (when I lived on my own I loved meal planning).

I think also, if you want more structure, setting yourself time blocks to complete certain tasks can be very helpful too. I may move into doing this once I’ve got into the routine of not being at work, but for now I really am just letting my body take some time to recover.

I do hope anyone who took the time out of their day to read this has found it helpful, and if you have any questions or post requests feel free to share in the comments.

I would also love to hear how you are structuring your days to be more productive, as I would always love new tips!

Alexandra Grace XxXx

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