A New Day

Good evening.

Today has been a complete change of air for me. I did some meditation last night to try to help me sleep (Headspace app is my favourite at the moment), and I have to admit, I woke up with a new lease of life.

I mean I say that… once I got out of bed after having my coffee and forced myself to have a shower I did… but that’s besides the point. The real point here is that I was finally in a mood where I didn’t want to just lie in bed all day (which I literally did for the last 2 days).

Now, I’m not saying I woke up bright & early considering by the time I had a shower it was time for lunch, but I’m trying to allow myself to rest and recover as well as be vaguely productive. However, it was my journal that saved me today and will probably be my saviour every other day going forwards too. I have an Inspire Now journal which my mum got me for Christmas, and I love it so much. I started using it as soon as I got it, but as soon as I started back at work after the Christmas break I just lost touch with it, until now that is.

By planning out my day and giving myself a list of tasks that I want to complete, it makes it a lot easier for me to actually get something done. I do rely heavily on routine and organisation to thrive, and so putting structure into my day helps a lot. Now, I am not planning for specific times of the day, as I need a bit more freedom to actually get back into the habit of getting sh*t done, so one step at a time.

But the main idea, is to plan out your tasks you want to complete, and then give yourself a daily reward for completing them all. This means that you’re not just ticking things off with no cause, but instead have something to look forward to. It does mean that you do need a lot of self-control in making sure everything does get done, and today I didn’t quite get there, but as I say it’s slow progress and I’m feeling a lot better not sitting in bed staring at a screen all day.

Now, I think I am going to do a further post tomorrow about how I’m using this journal to be more productive and to help prevent myself from slipping into a downwards spiral. If you are reading (or have made it this far) do let me know if that sounds interesting.

Alexandra Grace XxXx

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