Slow and Steady Wins the Race


It’s been a while.

I’ve had a hectic beginning of the year, and not always in a positive way.

However, today I wanted to focus on the positive things that have happened during this time away from writing anything. Whilst the list is quite short, all of the things are very important to me and my personal growth.

The most recent thing is what I will begin with. This was a Spa Day. Now, for some very lucky people, going to the spa is part of their routine, and is not something so unusual to take part in. However for myself in particular, it is quite out of my comfort zone. I had visited one spa before this, and that was in Bali a few years ago. Really I use the word ‘spa’ very loosely, as really it was just a massage and some wine (that I really did not enjoy).

This experience was completely new to me. I went to Casa Spa (Edgeware Road, London) with one of my friends. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, however as soon as you go inside and downstairs it is like you’ve walked into Morocco. The whole place relaxes you from the moment you step inside, already giving an aroma of calm. We decided on the ‘exotic pamper package’ which included some scrubs, a chocolate mask, face masks and massages. It was heavenly.

I have to admit, I have never experienced something that brought me so much zen. I was the most relaxed I have ever been for the rest of that day, and even now I still feel calmer than I usually would.

However, I may go further into this experience in another blog post, as it really was one hell of an experience, so I will move on now to the next positive impact.

My eating. I touched lightly on my struggle with food for the majority of my life in my previous post. These last couple of months I have really been trying to improve on my eating, in terms of how much and what I eat. I have been finding myself eating a lot more food, and eating a lot better food too. There have been very few days where I’ve eaten ‘junk food’, which is definitely a big thing for me. I haven’t felt as tired (although I have been this last week as I had the most draining week prior to this) throughout the days, and I haven’t had as much pain as usual. I’m definitely going to be trying to keep this up, as I feel I really am starting to at least feel a difference.

Now, the next thing. A headache stick. Oh my god, from someone who gets tension headaches so often, this has really been a game changer for me. One of my work colleagues actually got this for me, and I honestly was shocked at how it actually worked. I have the 4Head Levomenthol Stick. All you have to do is rub it on the area that the headache is, and bam, before you know it, the headache is gone. This honestly is amazing to me, as I am one of those people that despise taking tablets, so to not have to take any more tablets in the hopes that they’ll get rid of them, I couldn’t be happier. Migraines are another story, but that’s quite obvious in my opinion.

Last but definitely not least. My attempt at designing and producing clothing items. I have made one item so far, and am in the process of completing a second. I will definitely be doing a blog post in the future about each of the pieces, and the thinking behind it, etc. For a brief explanation though, the first piece was a dress which I completed for my birthday. I used a pattern for this, but adjusted it a little to suit my taste better. The second piece is not yet complete yet, and this is one where I made my own pattern, so it’s a little bit more experimental. But, as I said, I will definitely be doing blog posts for each of these items, so do look out for that.

I will leave it on that note (mainly because my laptop is about to die so I need to hurry up), I hope you enjoyed reading, and of course let me know in the comments what positive things have happened in your life in 2020 so far.

Alexandra Grace XxXx

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