REVIEW | Essie Gel Polish

Good evening. I have returned to write a little review & share my thoughts on this nail polish. I have never had much luck with nail polish in the past, I don’t know what is wrong with my nails but nail polish always seems to chip after 1 day. However, was it the case with this one?

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REVIEW | Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Mild

I’ve come to the end of another skincare product, so of course what does that mean? Review time! Now, for me, Clinique is one of those brands that when I was younger wanted to own the whole collection, but as I’ve grown, have found the cracks in the brand.

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HAUL | Superdrug Self-Care

I think it actually took me until lockdown to realise how much I actually wasn’t caring for my body and just self in general. The sudden lack of 50+ hour work weeks has really thrown me into a reality that I just don’t show a lot of love and care for myself, and to be quite honest, I’ve had enough of that now.

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REVIEW | The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I have come to the very near end of my Hyaluronic Acid, so I decided it was the perfect time to give my thoughts on opinions on the product, and whether I think personally it is worth it or if there’s not much point purchasing.

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What’s On My Current Beauty Wish List?

I find being in lockdown has made me into a wishful thinker, in terms of everything I would like to buy when I have finally used everything I have. I think for me, this is a great time to actually use all the things that haven’t been used. However, I do also need some motivation with that, which is where the wish lists come in.

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Project Pan Introduction

I hope you are all doing well today. I myself could be better, however, we’re here to focus on the positive things. Today I thought, as it’s the 1st of May, it’s a perfect time to begin my ‘project pan’. Now usually, people tend to do 10 items, calling it ‘project 10 pan’. I on the other hand, have 18 items, and that’s not even all the products I want to finish… this is just the beginning!

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Why Do Cosmetic Companies Love Fragrance?

So, today I have more of a little rant really than anything else. I really wanted to do a post about what products I have on my beauty wishlist, but alas I have not made it that far as of yet. Now, the only requirements I am looking for really in beauty products is that they are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and also free of essential oils. But my god cosmetic companies just love their fragrance don’t they?

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ECOVIBE Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Am I late jumping on the reusable makeup remover pad bandwagon? Definitely. They actually arrived last week, but I’m still finishing off my organic cotton remover pads before I start using these. I literally have been going through the same pack for well… about 6 weeks now at least. I forget how long things last when you’re not wearing makeup everyday and terrible at keeping up with a skincare routine (I promise I’m getting better… may have done my ‘morning’ routine at 4pm…).

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How to Stay Sustainable at Home | Fashion Edition

I have uploaded a video on staying sustainable whilst decluttering your wardrobe whilst at home! Feel free to watch it, and of course leave a comment, like and subscribe to stay updated with my videos!

Alexandra Grace XxXx

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